I Live For Dessert - We're What Your Tastebuds Are Craving!
Q: How long will my goodies stay good for?
A: Since they have no preservatives they have a 2-3 day shelf or refrigerator life.
Q: Do you cater?
A: No we don't but we do make take away packages for large events so you can have a dessert bar selection.
Q; What cakes do you specialize in?
A: We love to do Bundt cakes and cupcake cakes.
Q: Why do you change desserts so often?
A: Because life is short and we want everyday to be a new tastebud adventure!
Q: Can I request an ingredient be added or removed?
A: Absolutely, after all it is being made for you. Simply tell us your request.
Q: I noticed that some of the desserts from the same categories have slightly different textures, why is that?
A: We use different flours, milks, some are oil and  some are butter even within the same category, that is one of the things that make us unique.
Q How much lead time for a custom cake?
A: We generally need 4 -6 days.
Q: Do you do expedited orders?
A: Yes But we do charge an additional 15%
Q; Why don't you have pastries or birthday cakes on demand ?
A: We are not a bakery, we are a dessert shop that specializes in personal size desserts.   We don't keep cakes around for days on end so we make cakes that can be sold by the slice and occasionally we will have a cake on display just because.
Q: Can I request my favorite item?
A: Yes you can order your favorite and we will have it ready for you.
Q:Why Do You Change your beer & wine so often
A: Just as we change out our desserts we also like to rotate our beer & wine .
Q: Payment Methods
A: We take most CC and Apple Pay
Q:Why a deposit? And why non refundable?
A: Because we are making items just for you it's not likely that they will sell that day.
Q: Where can we park?
A: Anywhere on Central Ave and the side streets  there also is a public parking lot directly across from the Fire Dept. Parking in the lot directly across from us will get you TOWED, it is owned by the Dr's office.
Q: Do you plan on franchising?
A: No we are a family run shop we have only a few outside employees as we value the quality of our work and don't feel it can be maintained in franchise mode.
Q: Shipping
A: We don't ship as we can't guarantee freshness or even being received whole.
Q: Wait time
A: The average wait time is 3-5 min unless we are slammed then can be up to 9 min.
Q: Reheating bread pudding. Can be eaten cold or hot.
A: In microwave put on plate 45 seconds
Q: Decorations and flowers
A: You need to order and pick up the flowers as we have no connections here, also if you bring in decorations please ensure they can be soaked in our sanitizing rinse to prevent contamination.
If we need to order decorations we may need up to 7 days.
Q; Phone orders
A: You can call in orders and pay on phone if no customers are in the shop we will read back cc info, if customers are there we will ask you to reread it.
Q: Why no wedding cakes?
A: It's not our specialty
Q; Decorating cake medium
A: We use Buttercream, Fondant, Gum Paste, Marshmallow.
Q; Delivery
A: We don't deliver as we can't control other drivers.
Q: Alternative diets
A: We offer Reg, Vegan, Gluten Free. We don't do sugar free yet.

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