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Grand Opening Saturday September 19th @ Noon
Pumpkin Coconnut Brownnie
Brigadeiro Fudglicious Chews
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We have been open 5 months now and have had our share of say what moments...
Why oh why would you think...
These have been some of the reasons people think they should get a refund...

1.  My husband thinks I spent too much.
2.  It was too sweet.
3.  The jam filling was sticky.
4.  I didn't understand what kind of cake flavor I was ordering.
5.  My caterer didn't cover it properly and it dried out.
6   I cracked it when I was carrying it.
7. There was a lot of frosting.

Grand Opening Saturday September 19th @ Noon

Come and make your tastebuds happy.

Pumpkin Coconnut Brownnie

Pumpkin Coconut Brownie... A perfect blend of naughty and nice. A brownie with a dollop of pumpkin honey glaze.

Brigadeiro Fudglicious Chews

This is our newest wild child. It is a take on a Brazilian favorite.

Shop status

Just a little update, we are a family owned dessert shop. During this process my dad has had several heath issues which have side tracked the progress a bit. we are still plugging along and have every intention of opening shop as soon as we can.

Oh Snap

This is our newest creation. Orange and Ginger Snap. It is a twist on an oldie. It has a light crisp edge and a gooey center. Oh la la your tastebuds will be dazzled. Order yours now.

Oh la la

Pineapple Upside Down Cupcake

Moving Forward

We are finishing up the interior paint and starting to lay the front tiles, get your tastebuds ready!

New Chocolate Peppermint Fudglicious Chews

Just in time for Valentines...  Our Newest creation  Chocolate and Peppermint Fudglicious Chews.
Orders taken for this special day til Feb 13th.

Kentucky Rum & Butter Bundt Cake

Order yours now... you're tastebuds are calling....
Its a cake that tastes like a doughnut with a lightly sweetened rum butter glaze.
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